WinDat aims to make available and freely distribute a European software tool (WIS) for the calculation of the thermal and solar properties of commercial and innovative window systems on the basis of known component properties and thermal and solar/optical interactions between the components.

It is hoped that this tool will be collectively supported and used in research, industry, standardisation, education and design throughout Europe to compare, select and promote innovative windows and window components for the optimum use of renewable energy and maximised energy savings and indoor comfort.

WinDat 2001-2004
WinDat started as Thematic Network, financially supported by the European Commission (2001-2004).
The end products of WinDat will be available at the web site soon, if not already available (check the WIS part of the web site).
In these three years, WinDat has proven to be an enthusiastic and devoted grouping, bringing together people with different expertise and background: research, manufacturers, designers/consulting engineers; glazings, shadings and edges/frames.

There is a strong wish from the members for keeping the group alive.
Consequently, the WinDat network will continue to be active in the field after the completion of the Thematic Network WinDat project (2001-2004).

This project is supported by the Directorate General for Energy and Transport of the European Commission.