Window Information System (WIS)

TNO Building and Construction Research
October 2006

Service Pack SP2 for WIS version 3.0.1.

Version: WIS 3.0.1 SP 2
Date: October, 2006
Installation instructions for SP2 for WIS 3.0.1



The downloadable file WIS301_SP2.exe is a self-extracting zip-file. Open/Run the file to unpack to any folder on your computer (c:\wis_setup by default). Unpacked, the folder will contain two files:

Run Setup.bat by double clicking on the file in your windows explorer. After the introduction screen the update program will ask you were Service Pack 2 should be installed. The default folder is ...program files\tno\wis 3.0.1. Make sure that you select the folder were you installed WIS 3.0.1 (!) and then click next. When the update is finished you may remove the temporary directory where you unpacked the self-extracting zip-file.

Bug fixes in SP2

Service Pack 2 is a cumulative Service Pack and includes all bug fixes that were included in Service Pack 1.

Known bugs
The following bugs are known bugs: